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TRANSPeRT aktuell October 2010

With the beginning of fall, the groundworks have been completed sufficiently so that an extensive, passable base has now been established.

Strasse in Ballrechten im Juli

TRANSPeRT aktuell July 2010

Streetworks have been completed. Now the groundworks as preparation for construction can begin.

Strasse in Ballrechten im Juli

TRANSPeRT aktuell May 2010

The course of the street up until the lots driveway is well distiguishable.

Strasse in Ballrechten im Mai

TRANSPeRT aktuell March 2010

Not just we are evolving.
Our location Ballrechten-Dottingen, an emergent community just south of Freiburg, is already a host of very diverse trades and industries. And there are still more being founded. In response to this the town commercial areas have been expanded - and we took advantage of that opportunity and also settled in. A new hall with integrated offices will be built on a lot of about 1000 m².

transpert baustelle ballrechten-dottingen

At the moment there is not much to see - at least the street is slowly materializing. We will keep you up to date about the progress of the construction works - right here and in the rubric "our location".

TRANSPeRT aktuell January 2010

Your company TRANSPeRT started operating with the new year 2010 and is from now in business with Logistic & Management Support, Consulting and Coaching.