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TRANSPeRT aktuell October 2011

Seasons End –
it is fun to try again and again - on two or four wheels - to reach and expand the limits of ones own skills within the safety of a racetrack.

Transpert Caterham
externer link Caterham Competence Center

Transpert Motorrad Sport
Foto von Andy Glänzel

TRANSPeRT aktuell July 2011

TRANSPeRT d'Hill Gebäude

d'Hill and TRANSPeRT
are cooperating

Another step in our development is the new partnership with

We are actively enhancing our activities in the United States by cooperating with d'Hill Finance & Affiliates.

The experienced team of d'Hill supports your company from the very beginning by providing accounting services and controlling. The financial aspect of your company will be handled by professionals. You will have the time and financial advice to focus on developing your business.

TRANSPeRT aktuell May 2011

TRANSPeRT extends its service range.
Bernhard Reusch signed a partnership agreement with adi Consult GmbH of Kelsterbach, Hesse, for the fields of executive recruitment and mergers & acquisitions this month.
Besides management support and strategical development in the fields of logistics we can thus widen the service range for our clients greatly and make it overall more attractive.
The TRANSPeRT ADI adi - group of partners, with its extensive array of services for the logistics and transport industries, continues to be the only globally operating consulting agency specialized on this economic sector.

Transpert neuer Container

TRANSPeRT aktuell April 2011

As a first intermediate solution we have installed a container on our lot at the beginning of this month. Said container was reliably delivered by TRANSPeRT Spezialtrans Spezialtrans.

Transpert neuer Container Transpert neuer Container
Transpert neuer Container

TRANSPeRT aktuell January 2011

The first year TRANSPeRT was eventful, rich in new experiences and encounters.

Our first customers were offered professional support and counsel in the following areas:

  • Messenger, Express and Parcel -- Europe
  • M&A International
  • sustainable delivery organisation.

The return to a German base of operations has not restricted my radius. Besides activities in Germany and limited parts of Europe my contracts have led me to the USA and Asia. It is needless to say the Hongkong continues to be my favorite hub for any activity in Asia - simply a home away from home.

TRANSPeRT Hochhäuser in HongkongTRANSPeRT Kuli_KarrenTRANSPeRT Hafen Rotterdam

Our local commitment is still at the ready - a final decision concerning our premises has yet to be made.