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TRANSPeRT aktuell December 2012


Preparations for the Lean@Parcel seminar are running at full speed. The date for this meeting of experts has been confirmed for Feb. 6th 2013 - for more information please visit:
TRANSPeRT Lean@Parcel SeminarLean@Parcel Seminar

Transpert Lean@Parcel

TRANSPeRT aktuell October 2012


Even after a prolongation of the project deadline by the responsible GöZ (Grenzüberschreitender örtlicher Zweckverband "Mittelhardt-Oberrhein" / Cross-border local special purpose association "Mittelhardt-Oberrhein") only a total of four teams have handed in a contribution to the idea contest.
The evaluation phase - under supervision of the GöZ - will last until the end of March 2013. No specifics about the contributions' contents will be announced until then.

Our bi-national, interdisciplinary team is very optimistic regarding the outcome of the assessment of our competition entry.

Transpert Passerelle

TRANSPeRT aktuell March 2012

1. DXP – Race on Ice, CH-Winterthur am 13/03/2012

Alternative delivery vehicles can be great fun.
The three-wheeled electronic delivery bike DXP, produced by Kyburz AG could again demonstrate their qualities, although this time they were applied not exactly as intended. The joy on the faces of the participants of this "winter trial" spoke volumes. I was also having a great time and am already looking forward to the sequel next year. Many thanks to Martin Kyburz and his team for this successful event.

TRANSPeRT aktuell February 2012

German-French Project

An ideas competition has been announced for a German-French documentation center between Eschbach (D) and Fessenheim (F). Its application deadline is the end of August. We are currently in the stage of orientation for defining our topic's breadth together with partners from both countries. The river Rhine as an important arterial transport route will certainly be within our concept's focus, as well as any thereto related projects areas.

Transpert Canal d'Alsace

Transpert Rheinbruecke bei Fessenheim