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Bernhard Reusch

Bernhard Reusch

Bernhard Reusch founded TRANSPeRT in early 2010, to offer his experiences in international logistics and successful leadership of intercultural teams as a consultant. After his studies of Economics and Transport (University of Applied Sciences, Heilbronn, Germany) he worked for a couple of years in R&D in the areas of traffic and transport. Afterwards in road transport and groupage and in private railways accumulated experiences lead to executive functions within the realm of parcel-logistics. Bernhard Reusch was a member of management and executive board, respectively, in trucking companies and parcel services for 15 years, in European countries as of 1997 and in Asia for two years, as of 2008. As a passionate friend of "anything motorized" he also moves different kinds of two and four wheeled vehicles with skill and joy.

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